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The region around Lake Hallstatt was awarded the status of “World Heritage region” by UNESCO in 1997. This award speaks for itself, and does justice to the historical significance of the region, after which an entire period was named.

There are many significant areas of interest just on our doorstep like the Salt mine in Hallstatt, the Dachstein Caves and Hallstatt town itself to name a few.

The Dachstein CavesThe Dachstein Caves

There are three natural caves open to the public and is one of Austria most significant natural Monuments. The Ice Cave (Eishöhle), the Mammut Cave (Mammumthöhle) and the Water Cave (Koppenbrüllerhöhle). Each cave is spectacular and it is well worth visiting all three. In addition to the regular guided tours it is possible to opt for adventure tours for children as well as adults. See the above link for more information. All the caves offer English speaking tours.
The Ice Cave and the Mammut cave are reached by taking the cable car to the first stage.

Ice Cave, Dachstein SalzkammergutThe Giant Ice Cave

This is one of the largest ice caves in the world and attracts at least 150,000 visitors each year. The guided tours will take you deep into the cave and you will see the magnificent ice formations, stalagmites and ice masses some as thick as 25m. The tour is approximately 1 hour long as is suitable for all ages. The cave temperature seldom rises about freezing so you will need a jacket and non slips shoes.

Mammuth Cave, DachsteinThe Mammut Cave

It is the sheer size of this cave that gives it is name. At present 60kms of passageways are explored, but only 1 km can be visited on the regular guided tour. The name ‘Mammut Cave’ (Mammoth cave) was chosen by explorers due to the astonishing dimensions of the underground spaces and passageways contained within this cave system. The cave is one of the longest and deepest caves in the world. During 1 hour tours of the Mammut Caves, visitors gain insight into how the caves developed and the work of the cave researchers. The tour lasts an hour and is suitable for all.

Kroppenbrüller Cave, Dachstein SalzkammergutThe Water Cave

The Kroppenbrüller Cave is located along the bank of the River Traun at the far end of the village. The tour lasts approximately 1 hour and explains about the formation of the cave and the power of underground streams.
This cave offers a unique experience for children – Cave Trekking. These tours mean you explore the winding passages, washed out by underground waterflows. You get a hard hat with a lamp and protective suit. You will have to belly crawl and climb to explore all the passages and much more!

The 5 fingers viewing platformThe 5 fingers viewing platform

If you take the cable car to the top station you can explore the many walks and trails. The 5 Fingers viewing platform was opened last autumn and juts out from the mountain side. It gives you a spectacular view across the area. The route to the platform is suitable for all – even pushchairs. You will probably get to see paragliders taking off as you walk the trail.


Dachstein, Obertraun

Those of you who are more adventurous there are many to follow – for example you can follow the route right down to the bottom cable car station (11kms) or over to Hallstatt or just follow the circular route (3hours approx). There are maps available so you can’t get lost! It is possible to stay in one of the many huts over night should you wish to.





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Hotel Seerose Obertraun
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Mobile: 0036 70 3828 774


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